About Us

The Winning Stitch was founded in 1994 in the basement of Doris Hill’s home, where she started with only a single small embroidery machine. Her dad was one of her biggest supporters in starting her own business. He would occasionally help her operate the machine and often made sales calls to local businesses. After about fifteen months, business really began to pick up so she hired an employee to operate the machine while she ordered materials, prepared the designs, and completed paperwork. By the end of the second year, they were running two shifts and were looking for another machine. In 1997, she purchased a larger machine that quadrupled their production capacity and she was excited to hire another full-time employee. Sustained growth allowed them to move from the crowded basement of her home to our present location at the Northwest Business Park.

During the past twenty-three years, the business has continued to expand. We now have three state-of-the-art automated embroidery machines. Our smallest machine sews one item at a time while our largest machine is capable of sewing six items simultaneously. We provide silk screening services for orders as small as 12 pieces or for as many as you need. Bringing in artwork you have created, choosing from samples we have on file, or working with our designer to create something to fit your custom needs are all choices our customers have when ordering their screen-printed apparel. Our other equipment includes a vinyl cutter, twill cutter, and a heat press. We also perform alterations and offer a full line of tuxedo rentals for special occasions including dinners, dances, and weddings.

In 2012 I, Jayna Menser, began working for Doris part-time running an embroidery machine. I instantly fell in love with my job and my co-workers. After a year running the embroidery machine, Doris asked me to become the new graphics designer. It was then that I got to work more side by side with Doris and learn the way she ran her business. She had mentioned a few times that she was getting close to retiring, this is the time in which I knew that one day I wanted to buy The Winning Stitch. I love clothes, I love designing and I love working with customers and helping them put their ideas into reality. I knew I needed a partner so I asked my sister, Rachel Schwartz, to join me in this amazing opportunity. We are proud to continue business as Doris left it, while adding a touch of “Us”. We value all of our long time, loyal customers and hope to gain many more.